Bringing Home Baby Checklist

Published: 07th April 2010
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8-10 T-shirts/ Undershirts

3-4 Bodysuits with button crotch

4-6 Sleeping Gowns

1-2 Blanket Sleepers

2-4 Footed Sleepers

1-2 Sweaters

4-5 Pairs of socks or booties

4-6 Washable bibs

1-2 Special Occasion Dress-up Outfits

1-2 Sun hats for summer babies

Winter Baby Clothing add-ons
2-3 Blanket Sleepers

1-2 Pair Winter Hats and Mittens

4-6 Winter Sweaters

1-2 Winter Body pram suits with attached mitts

1-2 Sleep Sacs

4-5 Breastfeeding Bras (if Breastfeeding)

1 Box Disposable Breast Pads or

3-5 Pairs washable breast pads (if breastfeeding)

2 Waterproof Mattress Pads

2 Quilted Mattress Pads for Crib

3-4 Fitted Crib or Bassinet Sheets

2-3 Washable Crib or Bassinet Comforters

4-6 Receiving Blankets

3-4 Terry Bath Towels with Hoods

12 Burp Cloths

6-12 Cheap Washcloths (Extra Messy Moments)

24 Cloths Diapers with Velcro sides or Package of Disposable Diapers

6-8 Waterproof Diaper Covers (If using cloth diapers)

Car Seat Cover for Cold or Winter Climates

Baby Soap

Baby Shampoo

Baby Lotion

Baby Oil

Baby Wipes

Diaper Rash Cream

Baby Comb and Brush Set

Cotton Balls or Swabs

Baby nail clippers or blunt nail scissors

Baby nail file

Petroleum Jelly

Baby Thermometer and covers

Package of Diapers if not using cloth diapers

Bassinet Or Bed Side Sleeper

Changing Table

Baby Dresser

Rocking Chair

Diaper Pail

Clothes Hamper

Baby Swing

Baby Bouncer

Play Pin

High Chair

Baby Walker

Baby Sling or Soft Carrier

Baby Gates

Baby Safety Accessories (Outlet Covers, Drawer Locks, Corner Covers, etc.)

Baby Car Seat Or Preemie Car Bed


Baby Tub

Digital Camera


Disposable Camera

Baby Monitor

Crib and Bassinet Mobile

Breastfeeding Pump and Aids (if breastfeeding)

Travel Mobile



Soft Toys

Soothing Sound

Car Mirror for Baby

Sun Catchers for the Car

Bottles and Nipples for Formula Feed Babies

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